Who should use this book?

The Outcomes Toolbox can be an invaluable resource if your organization:

Has been asked for outcomes by a funding source, but are uncertain where or how to begin;

  • Is not sure what an “outcomes approach” to its work might look like;
  • Is unsure about the difference between an “outcome” and an “output,” or about other terms you might hear in conversations about results;
  • Is unsure of what makes up a “good” outcome;
  • Is unsure how to identify the outcomes your organization is or should be working toward;
  • Is not sure how to work with outcomes, how to track and manage toward them;
  • Does not know how (or why) to assess your programs’ or organization’s capacity;
  • Is unsure how best to capture the insights and learnings from your programs;
  • Is unsure the best way to communicate your results to audiences you need to impress;
  • Is unsure of how or why to apply the concepts of outcomes to facets of your organization beyond its programs;
  • Would like stronger analytical tools to help you better assess the strengths or weaknesses of your programs

The Outcomes Toolbox can help you in all these situations, and more….

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