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Religious Organizations and the 990 Exemption: more harm than good?

One of the side effects of our American separation of church and state is that churches are neither taxed, nor are they required to file a 990 with the IRS, even though they are generally considered to be “charities.”[1]  But in actual practice over the years, this exemption has spread to religious organizations, so that […]

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Head vs. Heart Based Giving

Ken Berger and I respond here to a piece Ruth McCambridge had in the Nonprofit Quarterly…. Ruth McCambridge’s December 5th article on the Nonprofit Quarterly’s Nonprofit Newswire page, “Donors Give LESS When More Analytic Say Researchers,” is certainly provocative; but it misses a serious point and could give donors, both large and small, the wrong […]

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In this inaugural edition of our blog, maybe the first question we ought to answer is Why do this; why launch yet another blog in a space that is already overwhelmed with competing opinions and a lack of consensus on so many basic issues? One reason is precisely because of the multiplicity of opinions regarding […]

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