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Cuomo Orders Review of Nonprofit Compensation, Part 5

While it is still too early to tell precisely what the exact focus of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new Nonprofit Task Force will turn out to be –it was initially announced that it would be looking into executive compensation at nonprofits that receive state funding- by virtue of the last item in a 40+ question survey […]

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Clouds on the Horizon

Advertising guru Elmer Wheeler once said that the best way to close a deal was to “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”  Unfortunately, the nonprofit sector has, for the past 50 years or more, largely applied that thinking to its management, its reporting, and, most especially, its fundraising.  The result is a sector that largely […]

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Cuomo Orders Review of Nonprofit Compensation; Part 4

It seems that the broad media coverage of the Nonprofit Task Force appointed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo last month eclipsed an earlier announcement by the state’s Attorney General, Eric S Schneiderman, that he was forming a “Leadership Committee For Nonprofit Revitalization.”  While the Governor’s Task Force has raised both eyebrows and questions, the […]

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